Fleetspec’s 10 Step Moving House Guide

moving house checklist

Our guide to making your next move easier!

Here at Fleetspec, we are no strangers to the influx of stress, which comes along with moving to a new place. We think of ourselves as moving experts, and we hope we can assist you with a few moving house tips along the way.

We know, you may think you have everything in mind, but there will always be that something you miss. Whether it’s “How do we plan on getting the dogs there?” or the last minute “Wait, were you meant to book the moving truck or was I?” Don’t stress, we’re all human; and it’s all a part of the ‘excitement’ of moving into your new home.

It can feel a little overwhelming at first, but don’t fear, Fleetspec Hire is here to give you a few tips along the way and our 10-step checklist will ensure nothing is left behind before the big move.

Here are some of our moving house checklist items

1. Plan ahead

Ok, we know. This one seems like a no-brainer. But whether caught up in the office or on the worksite, things slip away from us and most commonly, that ‘thing’ is time. When working towards a deadline, days seem to disappear even quicker than we can count them. So, we suggest that early on you take a step back, have a seat, take a deep breath and write a detailed list of everything you think you’ll need. This works as a good platform for progression through the tasks you need to tick off, and if you’re anything like us, nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing something off that list!

2. Cater for animals during the move

Our fury friends and best mates are something we often overlook during the moving process! Not because they aren’t important to us, but because we are so caught up in the rest of the prep that we sometimes forget the ‘small’ things. It’s always a great idea to plan ahead with animals, and ideally arrange for them to be offsite so there’s as little interruption for them. It also prevents any possible escape missions and stress on move day. The last thing you need is a not so little puppy squeezed in the back seat between the three kids!

3. Arrange new connections

Now this one is crucial! New connections whether it’s your phone line or most importantly (for the kids), Wi-Fi! Although a home phone isn’t as important as it used to be, we’re sure the grandparents will be grateful they can reach you on the landline! As far as the internet goes, you’ll need to arrange your connection or transfer well in advance so you’re not left tethering off your phone and chewing through that all important mobile data in the weeks after you move.

4. Updating your address and notifying family and friends

Next on the list is the mail redirection. If only the mail could magically find its way to you, but sadly not the case. Save your old addressee the frustration of unwanted daily mailbox clutter and use this helpful checklist to check off all the important contacts. If not a redirection, you can arrange for a temporary hold mail service at your local Australia Post branch here. At the same time, be sure to collect any missed parcels sitting at the post office in the case your new address is some distance from your current residence. While there may be some family you’d prefer not to inform of the move (just kidding!) it’s helpful to send out a quick group message with your new contacts so everyone can save them on file.

5. Pick your moving date

Ok, we know, an actual date set in stone? It can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be! Having a moving date will help you move towards something with an end goal in mind and allow you to work towards achieving it. This is a good opportunity to work around any work and social commitments as you’ll need to rally a few of the mates to help you with the big items. Weekends can also be busy periods for moving so it’s something to keep in mind as well as assessing the weather forecast ahead as nobody wants to be caught out in the rain.

6. Book a moving truck

Wait did someone say moving truck? Well at least this one is easy. Fleetspec Hire can assist with the ideal moving truck to suit your needs. We have anything from a 3-ton enclosed truck with a tail lift (which you can drive on your own licence) to a 12-ton curtainsider (at 8.5 metres long!) to help you along the way. All the fleet of moving trucks not only come in tip-top condition, but we provide a complimentary fridge trolley and a tail lift so you don’t have to do (as much of) the heavy lifting. Check out the full range here.

7. Conduct an inventory of your belongings

So you just discovered all those things you forgot you once bought, deep in the back of the garage, and now 100% HAVE to keep, but now’s the time to make a list what you actually do and don’t need. Let the culling begin. No-one wants to wake up at 2AM thinking, “Wait, where did my socket set get to?” so use this opportunity to make an inventory list of everything you are keeping, and most importantly – what is packed where. Be sure to keep any personal documentation separate for ease of access should you need it during the process. This is especially important if the move is part of a home settlement. You don’t want to get stuck digging around for that all-important document at the 11th hour, undoing all your work to date.

8. Plan where things will go and sell those unwanted belongings

So you’ve determined what you do and don’t want. The next step is ridding yourself of this stock. Save yourself the hassle of moving a host of items that will undoubtedly end up straight at the back of the shed again (yes golf clubs I’m looking at you). Moving unwanted items can be a massive waste of time and money and their sale can make you some extra cash while you’re at it. Gumtree is a great place to start offloading your trash and start making it someone else’s treasure!

9. Packing your things in the best way possible

Once everything is sorted and you feel like you’re on top of everything, let’s look at the actual physical part of moving. It’s good to think of it as an extreme game of Tetris and get very crafty with your box stacking.  We suggest putting your most important items aside, and if they’re small enough – put them in the vehicle you will be travelling in so they stay safe, and are within easy reach. Next, you want to make sure you protect your items. Old towels, rugs or curtains can often be a handy ‘at home’ option for protection. If necessary, it’s always a good option to get some bubble wrap; you can get this at most hardware stores or even trusty Kmart! Be careful wrapping valuables with newspaper as the print can transfer onto items over time. You may also need some boxes when moving too. You can either hire them from a company like Hire a Box, or alternatively buy them from Officeworks or Bunnings. Finally, make sure you get your longest and heaviest items in first, this will be followed by lighter objects which you can stack on top without too much stress of them breaking/crushing.

10. The finishing touches, transferring your utilities!

So you’ve had a massive day of packing up the truck and have been following the checklist you drew up and everything is looking great! But as you walk into the kitchen to fetch yourself a cup of water that sinking feeling kicks in and you realise you haven’t set up the utilities. Grab your list now and write down whatever you need to transfer whether it’s electricity, gas, water, or even the humble Foxtel!

Now, we hope after this 10-step guide we’ve helped you get all set up for the massive journey you’re about to undertake!

Remember, the Fleetspec team is always here to help so make sure you give us a call on 9244 4748 today to see how we can make your move easier!

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