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You’ll never hear the words “We haven’t got one of those” from Fleetspec Hire. Fleetspec Hire is now fully equipped with a build-to-order team who can arrange to customise a vehicle to suit your needs, so if it’s not in the fleet we’ll build a long-term hire vehicle that meets the spec you need.

While we are proud of our ever-growing fleet of trucks and buses available for hire, occasionally you may need something specific for the job, something highly spec’d. So, if you haven’t found exactly what you need listed on our website, this is where our custom-built trucks come in.

Our build-to-order team scope out the requirements with you, providing innovative and customised solutions to meet your vehicle needs.

The Fleetspec Hire custom build team have access to the latest technology to provide tailor-made mining, civil and construction vehicles for medium to long-term hire, which means you get the right equipment when you need it.

We always maintain the Fleetspec standard of safety and quality, ensuring that each customised truck that leaves our Balcatta yard, just 15 minutes from Perth, is on par with the high standard of our full fleet.

Whether it’s a specialised mining, civil or construction vehicle, our custom team will take the time to understand your requirements and build you the perfect solution. Call one of our expert team members now on 08 9244 4748 to discuss your requirements or fill in the form with your details and we’ll be in touch.