Eliwana Project receives helping hand from Fleetspec Hire

Located near Port Hedland in the West Pilbara region, Fortesque Metals Group (FMG) are constructing a new iron ore mine, dry processing plant and a rail stretching 143km. Additionally, the team are constructing the Eliwana Rail Bridge, which is set to boost the local economy with an incredible $1 billion win in contracts. 

The Eliwana Project has stimulated Western Australia’s local workforce, with 82% of the project’s expenditure spent with 290 Western Australian businesses. The further 9% were other companies across the nation. The project itself is expected to employ 2400 residents. Additionally, FMG have awarded $25.5 million in contracts to local Aboriginal contractors through their Billion Opportunities program. 

The project is breaking ground and records, with the road and rail bridge girders anticipated to be the largest and heaviest to ever be constructed in Western Australia.  

Fleetspec are proud to stand alongside FMG in the Eliwana Project. Daiman Clarke and the team in Balcatta prepared a fleet of flatbed trucks, crane trucks, crew cab trucks, 12 seat buses and 22 seat buses. The vehicles are anticipated to be onsite for a minimum of 6 months to a year as the project continues. Fleetspec Hire’s trucks and buses will be utilised by primary contractor NRW for mobilising workforce and materials as well as sub-contractors for preliminary earth and road works. 

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