How To Save Money Moving House

There’s no getting around the fact that moving to a new home can be quite expensive. Between packing materials, moving services and other related expenses, you’ll have a lot to pay for in the coming months. Fortunately, there are several easy things you can do to save money and help your move come in under budget.

1. Host a Garage Sale

You don’t want to waste your time packing items that you know you’ll never use again, so send those things to good homes. Go through your belongings and gather up anything you don’t want or need at your new home. If anything is broken, stained or otherwise damaged, just throw it in the bin. Anything that is still in good condition can be sold. Be flexible on your prices, though; your neighbours won’t see the same sentimental value in your items as you do. Any money you raise from your garage sale can be put towards your moving expenses.

2. Find Cheap Moving Boxes

Most people don’t keep their moving boxes after they finish unpacking, so there is no shortage of gently used moving boxes. Check your local classified ads, Gumtree and social media to find people giving away moving boxes or offering them for low prices. You may still need to buy a few more boxes to accommodate your belongings, but you’ll save a lot of money by not having to buy too many at full price. Another cost-effective option is to try your local grocery stores or big-box retailers. Many of them are happy to give away used shipping boxes so that they don’t have to worry about disposing of them themselves.

3. Make Your Belongings Do Double-Duty

Rather than spending extra money on packing materials for fragile items, make your clothes, towels and blankets multitask. Stick rolled up socks inside wine glasses for extra padding, and wrap dishes in t-shirts and sweaters. Larger items like blankets, towels and bedding can be used to wrap TVs, artwork, glass tabletops and decorative mirrors. If your rubbish bins are clean, use them to transport cleaning supplies, like soap, window cleaner, laundry detergent and more. This way, you won’t have to worry about spills of these chemical solutions.

4. Utilise Your Luggage

Suitcases aren’t just for transporting clothes when you go on holiday. If you have any suitcases on rollers, use them to move heavier items, like dishes and books. This will save your back from the stress of heavy lifting while also saving you money on moving boxes. Even if your suitcases don’t have wheels, you can still use them to move other items that haven’t made it into other boxes.

5. Drive Your Own Moving Truck

Rather than hiring a removalist company to load, transport and unload your belongings, you can save a lot of money by hiring a moving truck and doing the work yourself. Gather up a few willing friends and you’ll have such a fun time you almost won’t realise how hard you’re working! You’ll have to pay for petrol when you bring the truck back, but that is far cheaper than paying for a team of removalists.

Here at Fleetspec Hire, we have a range of trucks for you to choose from, capable of accommodating a variety of house and apartment sizes throughout Perth. This way, you’ll only have to pay for a truck that is as large as you need for your move, and nothing more. We’ll be happy to help you figure out which size truck you need to hire. We have automatic trucks that can be driven on a normal car licence. We are experts at what we do and can provide advice and guidance to help make this move as stress-free and affordable as possible for you and your family.

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