Laverton Pipelines Project set to Expand

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Laverton pipelines project set to Expand with $140 million is the amount estimated to be invested in the Goldfields Gas pipeline extension over the course of the Laverton pipelines project. The Laverton gas pipeline expansion offers many opportunities for economic growth in the Goldfields region, both as a result of this project, as well as future gas pipeline extensions. One example of this growth; and a major upside of the Goldfields gas pipeline expansion, is the economic injection that the pipeline provides for the local area, as the project stimulates job creation and also an increased demand for construction and other materials. Fleetspec Hire is proud to be involved in the Laverton pipelines expansion, supllying mine specified trucks supplied to NACAP , to help satisfy the demand for heavy duty trucks and buses required for the project.


The Laverton pipelines expansion was officially commissioned by the state government, after a powerful partnership was formed as the outcome of a deal between Global mining giant Goldfields Limited and Australia’s leading energy infrastructure group: APA group. Located north of APA’s Eastern Goldfields pipeline – 200 kilometres north-east of Laverton, the project is a 50:50 split between the two companies, with an agreed 15-year electricity supply and transport agreement.

The gas transmission pipeline, together with a gas-fired power station is being constructed to supply power to the EST Australian Gruyere Gold project.

APA signed on to design, construct and operate the pipeline and 45-megawatt gas-fired power station located in the Yamarna Greenstone belt of Western Australia.


It is reported, that this $140 million undertaking offers promising employment opportunities, with an estimated 300 skilled workers required to service the project over a 12-month period.

Laverton Shire council members predict that the Laverton pipeline enterprise will also be a positive boost for local business, and the local economy as a whole as a result of increased demand for goods and services. It has been suggested that there is the potential for the town to tap into the pipeline, allowing the town to convert from diesel generators to gas in the future.


The Laverton pipeline extension looks to be a very promising injection into current construction and future mining opportunities, with the possibility for other mining/industrial companies to add onto the already existing pipelines as/when needed.

The area to be serviced by the gas pipeline extension is a largely unexplored area which offers fresh prospects for future operations, and potentially cheaper costs of production for mine operators and businesses in the region. The’Gruyere’ extension of the pipeline is the third customer so far to tap into the network of natural gas pipelines in the Goldfields region.

It looks likely that discussions will take place well into the future, as other mining companies and industries look at their options to tap into the pipeline to reduce their own costs, and to capitalise on the project and the opportunities for keeping company mines open for longer due to the benefits of cost effectiveness.


Laverton Shire council members predict that the Laverton pipeline enterprise will be a positive boost for local business, as well as the local economy as a whole. The potential that there is for the town to tap into the pipeline, allowing the town to convert from diesel generators to gas in the future, is just one example of the economic possibilities that the gas pipeline extension offers, and it’s potential for future expansion and growth.

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