Fleetspec’s Specialised Fleet Is Ready to Meet Increased Demand for the Construction Industry

For the construction industry, business is booming in Western Australia – and particularly in Perth, where ground continues to break for new projects on a regular basis. Major shopping mall redevelopments, massive new infrastructure and a wide variety of other projects are all currently under way. And all signs point to this trend continuing for the time being.

However, big-building contractors traditionally operate on tight budgets, and this makes it all the more important that they have access to affordable third-party solutions wherever possible. At Fleetpsec Hire, we create tailored hauling and transport solutions for construction clients in WA. With our help, they’re able to deliver high-quality work on time and – even more importantly – on budget.

Here’s an Overview of a Few Major Construction Projects Underway in WA

Here are a few of the new major construction projects that are either underway or due to start building soon in WA:

Karrinyup Shopping Centre Redevelopment

Located in Perth’s Karrinyup suburb, this shopping centre opened its doors way back in 1973. Its construction was a boon to the local community back then, and this shopping centre has managed to stay relevant for several decades since it was founded.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and Karrinyup Shopping Centre is in need of a makeover. And that’s exactly what it’s about to get. AMP Capital Shopping Centres is planning a massive $600 million redevelopment of the shopping centre, which means it will double in size to a whopping 113,000 sqm. The contract is going to landmark property developer, Brookfield Multiplex, which also worked on Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital and the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

Garden City Shopping Centre Redevelopment

A couple of years ago, AMP Capital lodged an application with the City of Melville to revamp and expand Garden City Shopping Centre. This new and improved development is going to include two supermarkets, two department stores, several flagship retailers and a host of other boutiques and shops.

As it currently stands, Garden City already takes in an impressive 72,000 sq m, but that’s going to increase to 120,000 sq m by the time all is said and done. And if you were impressed by the price tag attached to Karrinyup Shopping Centre, wait until you lay eyes on this. AMP plans to invest $750 million in the revamping of Garden City Shopping Centre, with construction scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Perth Stadium Construction Redevelopment

Perth Stadium is currently under construction, and it’s big news for Western Australia. Once complete, the stadium will have a capacity of 60,000 spectators, and that will make it the third-largest stadium in Australia – and the largest in WA. The total cost of building this stadium is expected to weigh in at around $1.5 billion.

Ground broke on this project just over two years ago – in December of 2014 – and construction is scheduled for completion in 2018. If all goes according to plan, Perth Stadium will be ready to welcome fans for the start of the AFL season that year.

Perth City Link Development

This development project is a 50:50 joint venture between Leighton Properties and Mirvac Group. This project is a massive undertaking that involves sinking the Wellington Street Bus Station and Fremantle railway line. The rail project, alone, was allotted $360 million and involves creating new tunnels, upgrading Perth Station and several other considerations.

And then there is the construction of a new $249 million busport, which was completed last year. There are a host of other construction projects underway in relation to the development of Perth City Link. By the time the Perth City Link Development is completely done and dusted, locals will be able to enjoy convenient access between the Northbridge entertainment district to the Perth CBD.

How Do Perth Builders Maintain their Margins in Such a Competitive Market?

It’s certainly worth noting that the grand-scale building market is highly competitive just about everywhere in the world – and Perth is no exception. This is in part because builders traditionally work with very narrow margins to begin with. Construction is an expensive business and contracts are often awarded to the lowest bidders.

There is certainly no shortage of big builders operating in Perth, with even more small- to mid-range operators on the market. Knowing that the lowest bidder is likely to win, these contractors compete with one another to see who can scrape by with the smallest profit margins whilst still delivering quality work.

Of course, operating with such slim margins makes it all the more important for contractors in Perth to become experts at scoping out projects, setting a budget and then sticking to it. This can be especially difficult for small- to medium-sized outfits that don’t necessarily have all of the equipment they’ll need to complete a project.

Knowing When and How to Outsource is a Key Consideration for Perth Contractors

One way that contractors are able to remain competitive is by knowing when and how to outsource. At Fleetspec Hire, we regularly help our construction clients with their heavy-duty transport needs. Knowing that competitively priced services are always available means that they can easily fit transport into the budget without any hidden variables. This makes a big difference when margins are so tight.

Remember that – for smaller operations – purchasing the types of transport vehicles and truck-mounted cranes in our fleet may not be feasible. The capital outlay required to put a down payment on one of these vehicles could easily break the budget. Knowing that Fleetspec Hire is ready and waiting to assist gives our clients the confidence they need to bid on big contracts without having to worry about whether or not they can fit it in the budget.

If your firm is planning to bid on one of the many new projects coming to Perth in the near future, be sure to have a look at the high-performance vehicles in our fleet. Our trucks are fully equipped to deal with even the most adverse conditions found at WA mine sites, which means they’re more than capable of handling the lifting, hauling and transportation needs of Perth’s construction sites. Contact us today to find out more about how our fleet can serve you.

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